I have to move schools?

Okay so I am 15 years, old I am a freshman this year. And at my school kindergarten-4th is elementary, 5-8 is middle school, & 9-12 is high school. So I was supposed to be starting my first year of high school. But my parents told me that I may be moving schools, since my step mom may have to get a new job w/ different hours. They said it's possible that I'll move, and that I shouldn't get my hopes up about staying at my old school.

The school I will be moving to is full of so many kids, all the kids that go there don't even know every kid in their grade because there is so many. I'll be all alone and I won't have any friends because I don't know anyone there. And I used to cut and I was in the hospital for suicidal attempts. And I had to go to facilities, and the kids there will make fun of me for it. They made fun of other kids who have done the same thing. And this school has bomb threats, the kids are jerks, and all of the girls are trash. & the school system sucks. And the worst part of all is, I will be stuck back in jr. high because the 9th graders aren't apart of the high school. And it is just plain awful And I started crying when I found out. Because I actually have been trying to get my life back into order and this happens... I never catch a break it is always something.


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  • Turn that frown upside down! Sometimes we receive boons from "nasty surprises" we couldn't imagine.


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  • Is this serious?
    your acting as if it's the end of the world
    for a start more people, more chances to make friends.
    Though you won't with the attitude and self righteousness of saying how 'the girls are all trash' and 'kids are jerks'

    • well it's true. That's how all of the kids there are.

    • But that's your opinion, they could say exactly the same about you. But your making the situation worse for yourself by isolating yourself before you even go there