I want to play football again but don't know where to start?

Ok so i was accepted to middle Georgia state university which has a club football program that i am interested in. The problem is I've only played 1 season of high school football as a defensive end, which was my first time ever playing. I didn't do good at all mainly due to inexperience and bad size

I'm 5'11 172lbs which ik is undersized for a defensive end. I wouldn't mind however playing safety or corner if i could just have a shot at playing. I can bench 1 rep of 205lbs I don't know about how much i can squat... but i am willing to train like hell to get better. Do i have a chance? Any advice? Move in day is on August 12th.


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  • Probably not. Besides the fact you're undersized, even for a d back, learning a playbook on the fly is hella hard. You can try and I wish you all the best, but being realistic, the chances of you making the team is ridiculously small. Of you were still in high school, I'd give you way more of a shot. But I don't know you, so you could easily prove me wrong

    • I understand where you are getting at.. but if learning a playbook is that hard... there wouldn't be so many athletes before me who did great. As far as being undersized goes, i can get bigger and stronger with a good diet and plenty of exercise. Thank you for answering though. I'm gonna try my best and if i fail then at least i failed trying

    • Lets rephrase that. Most of these athletes you are playing against have played more than a year of high school and know how to learn a playbook and kmow concepts. I played only for a nit in high school, but for example, if a team runs a 3x0 trips pistol set and you are playing inside corner in base defense cover 1, what leverage do you have and receiver do you have? Shit like that. It's a lot of catch up. And usually kids who are like Jimmy Graham who walk on are freakish athletes. You're undersized at virtually any position. You're in a deficit on nearly all counts. But like I said, I'm not rooting against you. I just want you to be realistic

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