Do you ever miss people you'd only speak to online?

For example: I used to have this app called "Whisper" on my tablet. It was meant to be for sharing anonymous confessions although some people would use it as a hook up app. I just used it to get stuff off my chest, get advice for things and give others advice. Back before me and my boyfriend were going out, we were best friends and had a crush on each other all the time but didn't find out until October. I posted so many "Whispers" about having a crush on my best friend and people would message me to give me advice. I remember the person who would speak to me most about that was a kid who went by the username "Boogeyman". I'd talk to him about my now boyfriend a lot and he'd give me advice and it felt like we were friends although I never knew him in person.

I just remembered about that when I saw a post on here which kind of reminded me about it. I miss talking to him sometimes though am glad I got my boyfriend now.

Do you ever miss people you used to speak to online?


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  • No because im too crazy for you people to like me. Idont talk tobanyone here HAHAHAHAHAHAHAIAIAIAIAHAJAIAJAHEHEHEHEHEHEHE


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  • Yes I do. There's people who I used to talk with on GAG, and there are not active anymore.


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  • Yes I sure do!
    On GAG and not active anymore.