How do you know that deep down you love someone?

I've never had a crush/relationship before so I'm new to this stuff. How do you know you love someone deep down in your heart? Is it just intuition?


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  • Hmm, not even crush? That's interesting.

    Crushes are usually kind of fantasies, inspired by imaginations. People gaze at others from a distance and their imaginations take over. It's something people generally grow out of at some point.

    As to love, how people experience it is different.

    In my case, I'd describe the act of falling in love as kind of like the girl becoming my oxygen supply. I can't live without her at that point and miss her all the time. That's a kind of intoxication phase though which doesn't last forever.

    When that period is over, it starts to change from me missing her all the time to just not being able to stand being apart for a long time. That's where I am with my wife, where I can sometimes take her company for granted, but start feeling lost and incomplete when I go on overseas business trips where I'll already be missing her a lot the moment I step in the airplane.

    • The best way I can think of to describe how I experience love is a sense of incompleteness, that suddenly this girl has become such a fundamental part of my being that I can't imagine living without her. And there was one time I reached that feeling and it didn't work out, and I was left devastated and had to kind of rebuild my entire life afterwards (and, in some sense, the person before that died).

      I've only really had this feeling twice in my life. The second time I had it, I married the woman.

    • Note that you generally can't rationalize when you love someone. You just sort of do. To try to apply a very rational Spock-like logical mindset viewing it as a matter of logical mutual exchanges will often try to sum up parts and miss the entire essence of the feeling. Boiled down, I'd say love is generally just an incredible level of attachment you feel towards a person that can barely compare to anything else you've experienced in life. Again it happened only twice for me among numerous women: in my case, it's a very rare occurrence.

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  • The answer can change so much about your life, from how you interact with a current (or potential) partner to how you view yourself to what goals you have for the future.

    If you’ve fallen in love with someone, you probably have an atypical reaction when witnessing them excelling at something you don’t.

    Because romantic partners feel connected and can share the outcomes of each other’s successes, romantic partners will often feel pride and positive emotions when they see their partner succeed, even at something they themselves can’t do, rather than feeling negative and inferior.

    Wishing you the best of luck.


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  • yeah i think its more instinct than the heart because the heart can lie to you, it how crushes are developed before 2 people just go there separate ways. instinct is just a better way to know who it is you really want to be with.

    • So you're saying that if I have a feeling the deep down, I know I love someone, it means I do love them?

    • yeah it does but i can't say theyn will feel the same way but if its mutual its a great feeling.

  • ok first off love is not a instant thing.. you date someone because you like them and over time as you get to know them with all their flaws and imperfections you then can begin to love. Sadly the feelings we in these days associate with love are actually lust and more times than not fade with time while actual real love grows.

    • "Actual love grows" does it grows on its own or two people make it grow together?

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    • I'm not talking about instant. I'm talking about if you've known someone for a few years

    • ok well thats simple.. would you put their needs before your own? and dont just say yea i would take time to think about it..

  • When you think about the person absolutely non stop. Next time you take the dankest, steamiest and grodiest dump imaginable, of you're thinking about a certain someone, you're in love 😂

  • you feel gassy


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  • The fun fact is that I don't know.
    I can describe you how I felt when I was in love.(I still don't know whether it was love or not, I am more into no but it was the feeling which was closest to love for me)
    You guess that you love someone when you always think about him, when you always smile while thinking about him, when you are happier and kinder than you were before meeting him, when you enjoy helping people even more than you enjoyed before, when your eyes sparkle while thinking about him, when you want to comfort him and make him happy, when you like everything in him, when you see his flaws and get them cause you love that person with his good and bad side.
    You are in love when your friend pokes your arm cause you are daydreaming about that boy, you are in love when everything around you is colourful for you.
    And the last thing, you are in love when you start loving yourself more than before.
    The person, I mean the ideal person should make you fall in love with yourself at first, that's how you guess that he's the right boy.