Have you every had a psychic give you correct information about a relationship/potential relationship? Also, can you recommend a good psychic?

I get confused because some have been spot on and others a joke.


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  • I don't know any good psychics but I do plan to go New Orleans later this year for a reading while I am on vacation, supposedly psychics in New Orleans are the best. Here's a story of a psychic who knew what she was talking about.
    When my mom was in high school, she and three friends went to a psychic we will call them friend A, B, C, then my mom.
    Friend A kept getting the death card, she died five years later from cancer
    Friend B was marrying a man she really loved. She asked how many kids they would have. The psychic said none and they would divorce. They did divorce and with no kids.
    Friend C was told she would go somewhere far, far away but come back. She married a man in the military and they moved far away but they did come to the US
    my mom was told the next man she would be in a relationship with was her soulmate. She started dating my dad a week later and my parents have just celebrated their 31st anniversary.

    • Wow thanks for sharing. My only concern though is the death thing, it could be a curse...

  • I have gone to one for fun once and I never want to do it again

    • Cool, may I ask why?

    • Coz I'm not sure if what she told me happened because she actually knew or could "tell" if it was going to happen. It kinda freaked me out a bit.

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