Why Doesn't Anyone Talk To Me?

I call people all the time and I can go days without anyone texting or calling me and when they do, it's usually because they just want something. Sometimes it takes people weeks and up to a month to call or text me back and I don't understand why. It's family, 'friends', co-workers, it's everyone. No one talks to me. I want someone to talk to. How do I get people to talk to me? For the most part I say hey or what's up or I call them and I get nothing back. But they're on Facebook, posting pics with friends, or family, so I know they're there. And when I ask people why they don't talk to me, they say they're busy but it's literally everyone. I'm talking 15-20 people who just don't talk to me. So how do I get them to talk to me or where can I go to get some friends?


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  • Join some activities if you want some friends, maybe your not that interesting to them to take the time out to talk to but also people your age group are quite busy


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