I'm planning on getting a hunting slingshot, any recs?

Basically, I have a SEVERE rabbit problem recently. We used to have outdoor cats that would keep the population down every year. We lost them and the new cats are indoor cats.
If you recommend a.22 that would be Ideal if, I were not in a suburb in Massachusetts so a hunting slingshot is ideal.
Basically Its going to be used for target shooting and rabbit killing.


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  • An air gun would be fine to my knowledge you can use them in neighborhoods and they are powerful enough to kill a rabbit, my grandfather used to use one to kill possums that were trying to get to his chickens or to shoot squirrels getting into his bird feeders and yes he had chickens in a suburban neighborhood, he also had like a mini farm in his back yard lmao.

    But I would double check with the police chief or someone who knows all the current regulations and such before buying one, just to make sure you can operate one in your neighborhood.

    • Not going to check regulations again,
      They don't allow air guns nor slingshots, nor bows for rabbit hunting not only that, this is out of season.
      I need something quiet.
      But fuck it, the eastern cottontail is a least concern species.

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    • The hydra should be the symbol of the rabbit, cut off one head... and two more appear their creepy little eyes looking at your from their holes -_-.

    • Lol thanks.

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  • I'd say a pellet gun would work. Or perhaps a crossbow.

  • i have no knowldge bout this but good luck.

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