Guys, what do you consider to be generically/universally attractive?

As a girl, I know what type of guys are generically attractive. The kind that may not be a girl's SPECIFIC type, but will still manage to get the attention of most girls regardless. What I'm curious to know is, what is the FEMALE version of that in GUYS' eyes? What type of girls are GENERICALLY attractive----girls who may not be your specific type, per se, but will still be able to get the attention of most guys regardless?

You can give a description, you can give photos, whatever, just let me know, and most importantly, don't let your PERSONAL opinion of what is attractive jade your answer---a guy may not be MY type per se, but Im sensible enough to know what's generally sought after by other girls.


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  • Big boobs/butt, thin waist.

    My personal preference is skinny, elongated abdomen, long neck/arms/legs, graceful posture, small breasts -- dainty and elegant type. These women can be beautiful in a dress as well, but it's not so much like "hubba bubba" as just a radiant beauty.

    Meanwhile a girl with a nice round butt and boobs twerking in a mini-skirt is naturally going to draw a lot of men's eyes (mine too), whether or not they prefer that kind of body type. Visually they just radiate a completely sexual kind of appeal.

    • I think that big boobs/small waist/big butt/wide hips is about as close as universal to the kind of physical appeal I've found in the world. It's a prevalent source of attention even in Japan where most women are quite small-breasted and flat-assed, but the anomalies that have those wider hips, rounder butts, and bigger boobs will tend to draw everyone's attention.

    • I don't even like those bombshell/hourglass types myself (found them unappealing to my personal preference in the bedroom even if they're eye candy), but they do attract my attention just as much as the next guy.

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  • I don't understand public opinion on this topic to be honest. Maybe I'm too different or something.

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