Dog and small child question?

My grandchild lives with me, she's 6 months old. She was playing with our hound dog. Well she started getting on his nerves and he growelled at her. Causing an argument in our household as to the best way to handle the situation. What do you think?

  • Separate the dog and the child, by calling the dog away, thereby teaching the dog to walk away from the child.
  • Hold the dog down, and force the dog to let the child play on him. Teaching the dog that he is submissive to the child.
  • Other (please share) / results.
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  • Make sure she is gentle as children can be a bit rough without knowing it. Get a baby gate and have him sniff her from the other side, always remain calm since dogs can pick up if you're nervous or not. Keep them separate with the baby gate for a while until the dog seems used to the baby and also put one of the child's used clothes near the dog so he gets used to her scent. Eventually when, the dog is used to her presence you can reintroduce them. If the dog is territorial, it's best to do this somewhere neutral. Just make sure to remain calm. If the dog is trained have him sit and stay and have the baby approach him on her own, do not put the baby in front of him. if he starts to exhibit behavior you are uncomfortable with, go get a treat to distract him from the baby and then remove the baby and repeat from the beginning.

    • Also, if she can't play with him without being gentle then it is best to keep them separate until she understands the concept.

    • Also when I said to get a treat, do not bring the treat too him. Call him from another room and shake the treat bag so he goes to you.

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  • I think because she's a baby she won't realize when he's mad, happy etc. You should keep them at distance and invite the dog over while you have both in control, and get him to get use to her again.

  • My 3 year old niece has had issues with our dogs, we'very instituted time outs because she won't leave them alone. It's gotten much better, the cats... that's another story!

  • Dont let a small child harass the dog. Its not fair to the dog.

  • The dog should be kept away from the child. There's too many cases where the family dog has acted totally out of character and bittten or killed people. Children are so vulnerable and should be protected from any potential harm

    No dog can be trusted 100% , regardless of its nature. They can be unpredictable and its already showing warning signs by growling. It's only respectful and sensible to keep the dog away. It's better to be safe than sorry.


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