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In a horror/fantasy story, our character Dan, who's made bad choices, finds himself in one of these unfortunate situations after he shrinks to a tiny size...
- Dan slips and lands in his mother Joyce's glass of iced-tea.
- Dan is discovered and captured by his little brother Owen, who intends on keeping him forever.
- Dan is noticed by his ex girlfriend Jess who mistakes him for a bug, and quickly asks her current boyfriend to squash him.
- Dan is unnoticed by his older sister Catherine, who is walking towards him and he's right in her path of getting stepped on.
-Dan is seen by a gigantic frog, who is starving.

Please feel free to add any of your own ideas thanks much.
Also, please tell me why you like the option that you picked. Thank you so much for your help.😘😘😘


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  • The brother one easy.
    You can think of all sorts of fucked up shit that could happen. Envious brother gets revenge. 😱

    Other ones are YAWN 😴😴😴😴


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  • Hahaha. Ex-girlfriend, and also little brother.

    • Which do you personally like best?

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    • yeah I like that, would probably fit in somewhere too.

    • Haha maybe Owen put them inside there as punishment but before he can pull him out, Joyce comes back to drink her tea.

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  • discovered by his little brother owen... it's the only option which leads to a story. the rest are just shitty ways to die.

  • The little brother one.


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