My parents are trying to help but I just have no motivation, what do I do?

Ok my mum told me I need to do more around the house, not because she wants me to do her work for her as she just explained but because she wants me to be able to be self sufficient when I do eventually move out.
I can clean, dust, bake but not cook from scratch (she does oven meals anyways haha), hoover. Uno the easy stuff... Ok I can't work a washing machine, which I will need to be able to do.
One thing that bugs me most is that I get tired out so easily! Like just doing the mundane things like hooving or dusting tires me out. I've always had it, a long walk makes me tired! I've been doctors before and they did a blood test and found nothing. They don't do anything anyways! That and I'm terrified of needles... I mean I pass out just from someone talking about it. I get worked up, make myself ill and then when it comes to it it hurts like hell, they stab me a million times due to being unable to find my vein, I scream and pass out. So ye... I avoid it at all costs!


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  • It's not to do everything at once, or failing that assigned different days to different things, including a day or two when you don't do anything, because when you move out you won't see that. Maybe for the next three weeks do some chores no more than four times a week the after that do another.

  • just do 1 thing at a time and learn anything at a time like, learn how to use washing machine, then learn anything else after a break


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  • Regaining your motivation involves a combination of combatting the sources of its depletion and tricking yourself into taking the first step. In the case of social rejection, you're going to feel bad and not want to do much at all, but you need to confront the problem.

    Perhaps there's something you're doing that's causing the rejection, or perhaps you're just interacting with unpleasant people. Talk to the person (or people) who rejected you and find out why.

    Look at ways you can correct the problem if you're the cause, or try to work through it with the other person if they are. If it can't be solved, consider ways you can remove yourself from the situation because constant unwarranted social rejection isn't healthy for anybody.

    If you're simply not taking care of your body, the solution to that problem is pretty obvious. As previously mentioned, you first have to pinpoint the issue and you can do that easily with a daily personal inventory.

    Figure out what you're neglecting in your physical needs and make it your number one priority to change that.

    When it comes to decision making, it can often be difficult to manage every choice you'll have to make because you don't always know when you'll have to make them. One way to get around this problem is to create a to do list of decisions rather than tasks so you'll know what needs to be decided and when.

    Split them up, make sure you don't have to much to decide in one day, and leave room for unknown decisions you may encounter as the day goes on. Don't forget to include small things like grocery shopping, as you can get stressed out all the same when you're trying to figure out what should and shouldn't end up in your refrigerator.

    Finally, figure out something you really want to do. This may be on the boring side and mean you want to clean your apartment, or something more exciting like make a game. Whatever it may be, take a very tiny first step that only requires about five minutes of your time.

    On the next day, take a slightly smaller step. Work your way up by accomplishing just a little bit more each time. When you start to see your accomplishments and how little effort they take, you'll have an easier time making progress. After all, just getting started is everything.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

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