Why can't I ever run or fight in my dreams? Even in a lucid dream?

Last night I had a dream that all the seniors in my school threw a giant party in my neighborhood similar to that movie project X. Anyway the party got way out of hand and some how the people ended up near my house. My mom realized my little brother who's 1 year old had wandered off. I found him being tossed around by some girl and he was crying. She had thrown him straight on to the ground. I tried to fight her. I picked up my little brother and I tried to punch her and pull her hair but I was surprisingly weak. Every punch was soft and slow like trying to punch underwater. That's when I realized I was dreaming. She dissapeared into the crowd. Now that I was lucid dreaming I went searching for her through the crowd and as I was searching I found a broom. I found her in the middle of the crowd in an alley. Since I couldn't fight her hand to hand I intended to attack her with the broom. I woke up before the fight could start. It was one of the strangest dreams I've ever had. Why can't I fight in my dreams?


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  • I can't either I feel slow and sluggish I've only won one fight in my dreams before

    • Any dream I've ever had about fighting or running usually becomes a lucid dream because I realize I'm dreaming. I've never won a fight in my dreams even when I'm lucid dreaming. This was the first time I ever tried to use a weapon in a dream but I woke up before I could use it.

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    • No I'm a great driver but I have night mares

    • Nightmares are the worst

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  • Keep trying, eventually it works. I don't know about lucid dreaming


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  • All my life, this is same for me
    Even though always been quasi-athlete
    always work out daily
    boxing lessons
    and in K-6 would give a fist to the nose of anyone handing me crud

    Have never been rewarded for fighting unless for the right reasons, so
    My Take
    is that God gives me other powers to
    Prevent harm
    those under His care

    Once I began to practice these, my dreams also began to employ them instead of warfare

  • Ever had fighting experiences in real life?
    Maybe you don't have confidence in fighting.
    Dreams rarely mean anything. Just background thoughts.

  • Lmaoo nutjob


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