How should I study for Ielts or Eglish?

English is my second language and i'm gonna to go to abroad , but firtsly i need to get enough point in ielts. Please, can you give an advice?

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  • You should start with the official IELTS website. There you will find a lot of information about the test, e. g. the test format, how many sections it has, etc.

    You should also consult your nearest British Council, as they will provide you many helpful materials for taking the test, or you may like to practice classes for the test.

    Try to find out your weak points and start working on them (e. g. if you are not so strong in the writing section then you should start with this and eventually you will like it), or if you have difficulties in the speaking section then start to talk and think in English, as there is no better way to learn speaking.

    If you think in English you will be able to express yourself more naturally.

    Wishing you the best of luck.