How can I understand if a fork is made of silver?

Yesterday I found a fork, thrown at the park (well there was a tavern nearby, so I guess it belonged to them.), and I took. I was trying to find an appraiser, but they weren’t open at noon unfortunately, and it was Sunday.

But I threw it away later because I wanted to go to a store and…well I didn’t want to be caught with it.

Well anyway, I’m 99.9% sure it wasn’t silver, because it wasn’t shining under the sunlight or anything…but what if?

(I’m not American by the way. I know it’s irrelevant with my post, but people here make assumptions easily, and it has happened multiple times in my case.)



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  • Archimedes solved this problem for gold a long, long time ago, you can do what he did, but with silver.


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