How do handle hearing people eating?

I've always hated hearing people eating but it's gotten worse over the years. Hearing people smack, slurp, chew and swallow gives me a headache and I get jumpy. The sound of teeth scraping on forks makes my ears tingle and hurt. I get angry and disgusted. It's gotten to the point where I don't eat with other people, not even my family. If someone is eating in the room I'm in I leave or put headphones in. There was a time I was with a guy and his brother and the guy took my headphones away from me. They are the worst smackers in the world. Their tongues smacked on the roof of their mouths and their mouths opened every time. I wanted to cry because it hurt my head so bad. But I stayed and sat through it because I didn't want his brother to think I was crazy.

The whole thing makes me feel crazy. Isolating myself and avoiding eating with people just seems weird but I don't know what to do. Has anyone ever experienced this? How do handle other people's eating habits?


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  • dude if a woman im dating eats to loud or does not close her fucking mouth i just get up and leave i fucking hate that shit

  • I don't encounter this very often


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