Did I make the right decision by going general in my business degree?

I didn't know what I 'wanted' to focus on, so I just went general.

Now I feel odd about it. Like I didn't specialize in anything just took a whole bunch of courses.


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  • I didn't know what kind of focus I wanted to get into until my junior year. I was good at econ and accounting, but I didn't wanna do those stuff or sales or finance, marketing, etc. i found that I actually liked supply chain. Also, I got a major in another language and sports coaching so don't be afraid to find a minor or 2 out of the norm and things you like


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  • I don't think it's a bad thing. It just makes you ~versatile~


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  • Did Hulu already graduate? If not it may not be too late to specialize your degree

    • *you not Hulu 😂

    • Ha ha. Yeah I did.

      But I mean I could always take a bunch of extra courses. It's not really that abnormal

    • I know it's not haha well it's your choice, but if you want to specialize in some business area then I would say go for it if it is truly worth it to you. Otherwise if you do not see it as valuable then I would not worry about it

  • No regrets and zero remorse kiddo! Take the world by force and mold it to your desires!

    • But there are all these kids and they're like all, "I'ma write the CFA," and I'm like...

      I hate them.

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    • okay.

    • you got this shit lol...

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