First time meeting, I felt a strong connection and felt as almost if knew him 4evr. He said "theres not a lot of people like us". Feels the same?

All together. I met a guy. And there was such a magnetic connection. We both grabbed hands at the same time. We both went to grab eachothers waist at the same time. It was sooo magical like nothing I've ever/or imagined to experience. I felt so comfortable. we get along so well. lots in common. he loves singing, i love dancing. ying yangish. he open up to me about his mom passing at 6yrs old and stuff. for some reason i had so much empathy for him. He said "theres not a lot of people like us". ? could he feel it to? No?


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  • It sounds like he felt it as well if you both did and said all of those things

  • sounds like a classic sociopath.. lol

    • Why u say that lol

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    • haha what you talkin bout we get screwed lol =P all that money is out for Christmas ain't shit left for us hahah

    • PM me and we can talk on there if you want

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