Can he sue me for slander?

I worked at a security firm couple of months ago, I left it to work at a reception at some hotel, which happen to be the same one the security firm does the security (external firm ), so I knew the security personal, any way some stuff happened, work stuff a misunderstanding, I was calm trying to debate the problem with the security personal , but the security personal was rude and aggressive and threatened to physically attack me and then before he ended his debate, and made big fuss in front of clients told me he is goanna kick me out of this new job. Once the security Gone, I called my work supervisor and informed him about the situation, and also texted the security's boss and told him his employee threatened me a physically a that he would kick me out of the job, and if this goanna happen again am goanna press charges, any way my boss told me I should calm down and be more cooperative and blaa blaa blaa, after like one week from this incident the security is threating me again to kick me out of the hotel again and sue me for slander because I told my boss about the incident and told his boss ! and he is telling me the security company will sue me for destroying the company's reputation! Is he bullshitting or could he actually have the right to do so?


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  • You need to report to your manager whats going on with this.. and leave it at that

    • I did this and also got him on voice record threatening me and send it to my manager as well

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    • hope they won't fall on me, he can't sue for slander because I filed a complain I have the right to do so if threatened. thanks again anyway pal.

    • np man and dont worry to much about it

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  • In the US, anyone can sue anyone else for any reason or no reason at all.

    The only question is, will the lawsuit go anywhere or just waste time and money?