This may not mean anything but I do like her though?

last year at prom I was sitting at the table watching people dancing my friend was standing & he was talking to the girl I liked & he asked her to go over & talk to me so we were talking & i respond back but I didn't really look at her I was looking across the room & then she asked me where my friends were & I told her they're over there talking to some girl & when I looked she was looking at me.


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  • Lol it's just kind to look at the person u are talking to. Nothing more

    • Hey this may not mean anything either but The other day I was talking to my friend & smiling & then I guess the girl I liked was looking at me & i heard her telling her friends that I have the nicest smile & then when I look in the corner of my eyes I saw her looking at me & smiling while she had her hands on her chin

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