Have you seen the movie KIDS?

Telly has a thing for virgins. Rosario Dawson's first movie. Casper hung himself @ age 25.


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  • I have seen it - Long time ago now but I think at the time I thought it was a very good movie, very dark - If I remember it had a documentary style to it that made it hard to watch as a movie but again it was interesting, you had suspend the fact you were watching a story and think about the implications/your own views on the circumstances in society as a whole rather than characters in a story.


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  • yea :/ its a pretty f***ed up movie where immature teens sleep with virgins to give them aids
    *shakes head*

    • They don't sleep with virgins to give them AIDS when they're unaware of being infected. It's a good movie that all youngins should watch.

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  • I just watched it in this post. Thanks. Pretty crazy movie but I liked it. Interesting speech at the end. Good to see NYC back in 1995. Anyway, I find it shocking that youngsters do these things. And it can play a role in the future lives of the actors too. Especially if they are actually in their teens. At least that's what I think. Participating in a movie with so much sexual content and drug use? Damn. Surprised parents allowed their kids to participate in this.

    • glad someone watched it cuz of my post. yea it's a trip just how bad kids can be... and by my standards the ones depicted in this movie are rather mellow. no serious crime or trouble making going on.

  • Yeah, seen it.