For manga and anime fans, if manga / anime was a religion : who is your messiah and what is your holy text?

My Messiah : Goku (of course)
My Holy Text : Berserk (weird not many people know of this master piece)


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  • Casca, the holy book is Berserk (its highest secrects are contained within chapter 13 b)

    • oh, I didn't even read where you mentioned Berserk. Berserk is the only manga I've ever read, lol, but Casca is my hero

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    • indeed you started with one of the best mangas out there, if you want a list send me a message i could talk about manga all day (seriously)

    • hehehe, I believe you!

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  • Mt Messiah: Naruto
    My Holey Text: don't really know tbh. I know it's lame but I read Bleach manga all the time. A shame it's about to end.

    • why is it lame? bleach is an excellent manga and i love it too

    • It has many flaws that I no longer look past because I have grown attached to it. The same way The Walking Dead is boring as fuck but I still watch it because I like some of the characters.

    • Thanks for MHO, dude. Have a nice day 8)

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  • Kira is the true God and the Death note is the only holy book!

    • yeah no... it might be a classic nowadays it will never beat Berserk or Dragon Ball hun, so sit down

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    • true "you must have the person's face in mind so people of the same name are not affected" (rules of the Death Note) BUT once again : people on earth know him as GOKU whereas his real name is Kakarot (only people of his planet know him as such... as of now there is only one : Vegeta)

    • Goku still wins

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