GUYS AND GIRLS:So I'm going to be a sophomore this year, and don't know if I should get a bag or a backpack?

all of 8th and freshmen year I've used a bag just because I find them cuter, they make outfits look better, but I saw this really cute backpack so which one should I get? Backpack or a bag (not exactly this bag but something like it) and why?

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I know this isn't something very important but I just want to know which one would be better and what you guys would prefer, because I'm stuck haha.
What I keep in the bag: a laptop, a folder with all of my homework and things like that (I'll probably get a binder this year although I don't really like them), my phone usually, 3 or 2 notebooks at the most, water bottle, pencils, perfume, lotion, things like that, the bag I had this year was quite on the bigger side as well, I also use it as a carry on, when traveling.


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  • A backpack is for heavier carrying. If you'll carry heavy, use the backpack. Else stick with the bag if you prefer it.


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  • I can't imagine using a bag carrying heavy books all day. dont they rip?

    I don't know i alway use a back pack even outside of school bc i always carry around stuff in case im stuck somewhere or so i can study. just never thought of using a bag. i also think the back pack looks ore together.


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  • I prefer bagpacks because they're practical and distribute the weight better. If you put to much weight on one shoulder, it is going to make it uneven.
    But it's your preference, some of my friends use bags, because they won't call so much attention from thieves when carrying their laptops and because they might look better with outfits.

  • I used a bag for a while when I was high school too. Over time it got hard on my shoulder though. If you're going to have a lot of heavy stuff, get a backpack

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