If you can pick between these two abilities for a shape-shifting artificial intelligence unit, which would you pick?

A} Morphing into people you're attracted to for satisfying your sexual arousals (without getting STDs nor unintentionally impregnating), or

B} morphing into any animals you want it to that were alive in your lifetime - so sadly no dinosaurs - with a dog's playful and safe temperament, as well as optional simulation of land animals' natural environments and instant aquatic simulation for water animals (from beavers to whales)?

I'd pick B.

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By the way, I mean 'shape-shifting' as in the A. I. unit can shape-shift, not you.


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  • I picked B simply because morphing into women I'm attracted to doesn't actually seem as exciting as it sounds once I possess their bodies. I want to do stuff to them, not become them.

    I'd rather become a bird and fly.

    • Doh sorry, I overlooked the shape-shifting A. I. part. That said, I'd kind of echo 'elew4too'.

    • What do those last two words mean? Lol.

    • Sorry, I totally missed the point of the question. I thought I was the one morphing, I totally missed that shape-shifting A. I. part so I answered the wrong question (apologies for that). After I realized what the actual question was, I wanted to just say I agree with 'elew4too's' (user name) answer here.

  • A shape-shifting AI unit would just feel like a glorified sex doll to me, regardless of how realistic the transformation was. I would love to see in UV, echolocate, or do some of the other cool things animals do though.

  • Probably be a cheetah or lion

    • I meant 'shape-shifting' as in the unit could shape-shift, not shape-shift you. Or is that what you meant?

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