My laptop says it can't connect to the network?

I just got my computer back from having the screen fixed and now the Internet isn't working. It has done this before but taking out the battery and putting it back in has worked. I've reset the router many times, but it still won't connect. It says that it's not connected but connections are available but when I try to connect it just says that it can't connect to this network. I know it's my laptop because no other device in my house is having a problem. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? And in lamens terms please. I can never follow what to try on other forums because I can't understand the shit they're saying.


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  • It's probably off. Look for an icon near the clock, click on them until you see WIFI.
    Then turn it on.

    • I've turned it off and on a few times

    • I'm sure you connecting to home? Does a smartphone connect to your WIFI?

    • Yes every other device in the house has no problem

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  • Try forgetting the network, remove it from the list. Re-connect.

    No? Call the guy, there's a guy for everything.

    • But the guy is expensive😥

    • Effing guy haha... Do you still legit have no internet? yuck hahahaha

  • Try connecting it straight to the Ethernet cable see if that works for you. There should also be a button on the laptop for wifi, this may be off. Search google when connected to it via ethernet and may neesbto update drivers. There will also be a diagnostic tool on your laptop to check internet so run this and see what it says. Will be in the settings menu under connection/ internet settings or something like that

  • Have you checked both the wireless button on the keyboard as well as the one on screen?

  • Make sure your wireless adapter is enabled.

  • what's your OS?

    • Windows 10

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    • Just try removing connect automatically option and connect

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