Is there a big gap in heights (age-wise) where you live?

I have noticed this strange kind of phenomenon where I live.

Guys who are in their 20s are like almost 180 cm (5’11”) by average, and men who are in their 60s are 165 cm (5’5”).

Likewise, Girls who are in their 20s are 165 cm (5’5”) by average, whilst women who are in their 60s are usually a little bit above than 150 cm (around 5’).

I know people shrink as they age and current generation is taller than the previous ones, but 15 cm sounds like a really a massive difference.

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  • Yes, younger people are taller on average. People in general as a species are getting larger.

    • But 15 cm? Isn't it a massive difference within just a few decades only?

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    • Isn't it a lot for just 4 decades?

    • With the same logic, guys in their 20s after 40 years would be...6'1" by average.

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