Should suspects in investigations regarding terrorism be considered guilty until proven innocent?

The burden of proof is on the accused.
Jury members must be military or ex-military.
No bail. They stay in jail.


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  • No. That's completely against everything the American justice system is *supposedly* based on, and it is EXTREMELY easy for a corrupt, tyrannical government to abuse. Look at how the US. gov has abused it for years already. They grab some Iraqi off the street and ship his ass to Gitmo, where he sits for years. No evidence, just "We think he's a terrorist".

    This is yet another problem of trying to fight terrorism as both a war and a crime. Either let the cops do it and put the terrorists on trial, or let the Marines and soldiers do it, and put the terrorists in a box. But this shit of trying to make a hybrid of the two doesn't work.


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  • if ur a pussy nation

  • YES.
    In a way we all are guilty until you can prove your innocence. We're locked up awaiting trial. In some cases 36 + months. IF found not guilty oh gee, not even a sorry. If found guilty in most cases (where I live) the sentence is less then time served. Meaning you get a 12 moth sentence but you spent an extra 24 just waiting trial.

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