Spilled a bit coffee on my keyboard, some keys are doing weird, how to fix?

I immediately turned my laptop upside down so the liquid does'nt get into my keyboard, it wasn't much tho, but some keys are doing weird like when I hit
t , i get gt same for g
y, i get hy same for h
and the o, i get µo

the other letterkeys are still working fine, out of the numbers only 2 and 9 doesn't work
and the arrow on the right hand doesn't work...

What can I do to fix it?


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  • If your keyboard is dry by now and the problem is still there, you have to disassemble the keyboard and clean it.

    • İs there a chance the keys will work properly?

    • Yes, your keys should work fine. Pouring something sour like juice, however, can do permanent damage.

    • I removed the damaged keys so I can clean up inside and I saw that there is no coffee damages... There is a little of dust-like things and cleaned it up but still the problem is there
      Although my 'go to the right arrow key' works after cleaning it up and the number 9 worked back without cleaning it, when I press 2 i get +2 now :/

  • You can open your keyboard and clean it


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  • I think you should've shut it down fast and let it dry

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