Why is my mother acting weird?

me whole life I have been over weight. now that I'm losing weight my mother is acting weird now all of sudden she's on diet also trying to copy me. i wanna have my chance. she always makes things about her. when she saw people giving me compliments she seemed jealous she is a little overweight but she still wants to lose weight cuz of me not for her self. sshe does things to make me jealous I don't know why since I was young I have been trying to lose weight but she never helped and never encouraged me. i wanna have my chance at least. have my time I have been big my whole life let me have my time now. Why is she doing this to me? i eaat a healthy diet but she does the dangerous way she doesn't eat anything cuz she wants to lose weight more then me but little does she know that she can get sick I have told her this.


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  • It might be because she loves or craves the attention to be on her whenever she can have it


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