A good eye (under) cream for wrinkles, lividity and swellings?

i have few wrinkles lividity and swellings under my eyes.. Please suggest me something cool to reduce it?


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  • Instead of creams maybe a collagen serum!

  • Freeze tea bags, something herbal or with green tea and mint. Leave them over your eyes for ten minutes or so. It works like a charm!

    • I like the idea :D

      Freeze them until they are fully frozen yeah?
      And how often should I apply this? Like everyday?

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    • Sound, I'll defo start trying them. Cheap and natural stuff!

    • Hope it works for you! :)

  • hi, the best thing for swelling is something cold especially first thing in the morning to constrict, the classic is cucumber kept in the fridge and slices cut and placed on the e. yes, obviously can be used anytime. i would also recommend investing in some aloe vera gel and keep that in the fridge great for skin rehydration. if you are looking for plumping creams once swelling reduced any creams with hyaluronic acid in are great for plumping skin up xx

    • thanks madam , can i summarize your words as follows please
      1) applying ice/cucumber in the mornings until the swellings are gone
      2) look for aloe vera gel or any plumbing cream with hyaluronic acid in it


    • yes sorry, gel and cucumber to reduce swelling, hyraluronic acid face creams are the best for wrinkles xx

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