Please tell me i'm not going crazy?

So, i'm that type of person that over think things till everything is alright. So, this one person I used to talk to would tell me he'd have "dark" moments and next thing you know like one week later, some I guess foster parent? It's complexed. It's the type that would make up stuff or cause drama.

Anyways, like one week or two weeks later that "parent" would later come home from what i've heard was called a honey moon? I don't believe them because they usually start up dramas. Anyways, and the dad would unlock his iPod (writing this out makes me think this was all made up) and would text me and ask if i've heard from his son. I would find it strange his father on his iPod. I replied no and he would become dramatic how he found him dead when coming home? I don't know does this sound real to you? Coming home after one week finding your son dead? Won't the body already be decayed? I was foolish and I believed it myself. So the father would be like " anyways, I gotta head off to my flight" after the whole conversation. I left messages seeing if the father is like reading them? Again, it's complicated just like my life. It would be left on read one after another. I felt so creeped out that, I literally thought just like tv shows how they look over at you even when you're changing. I was creeped out i would do everything bashfully. Please tell me this isn't real. Be honest, i've been confused and my life is a mess. I need you guys to be honest with me. I need to get my life together.


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  • Apologies... I can't understand whats going on or what your question is. Your sentences are full of questions marks and its all over the place.


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