Complete these sentences. FUN ONE :) ?


I would Kiss... Rachel McAdams
I would Marry... Emilia Clarke
I would Bang... Shakira
I would kill... Christen Stewart


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  • Lmao kill Kristen? Rob will totally cheer with you


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  • I would Kiss... Nina Dobrev
    I would Marry... Nina Dobrev
    I would FUCK... Nina Dobrev
    I would Kill... Nina Dobrev then immediately kill myself to be with her

    As you can see Nina is the Juliet I desire in my dreams and I want to be the Romeo for her... in my dreams ahah.

    • AHAA That's fun coz I'm such a fan as well... I luv TVD and she's perfect as well... Don't know why I didn't mention her

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    • Originals :) The best... Long Lives Klaus Mickelson

    • Amen to that, friend and Elijah!

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