Are you a brony?

So I heard about the "bronies" a while ago (they even got featured in a documentary) and I was wondering if there were any skulking around GAG

Are you a brony?

I'm also wondering about those "otherkins" as well. If they aren't human then what are they? Demons?

(vote, comment, insult me etc.)

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  • I am not a brony
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  • I wish I was a brony
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  • I used to be a brony but I now serve the emperor
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  • I dislike bronies
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What Girls Said 2

  • Nope, I am not a brony. :P

    • That's right, you're a lady not a brony. Don't give in and join the darkside

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    • Well it goes a bit further then that. Seriously if you watch the original series, there's almost no way to explain the ending. You have to try and interpret it yourself

    • Ohhh, it's one of those shows. It's like the movie, Inception.

  • Nope that whole thing seems dumb to me. :P

    • *DooMguy nods* To any bronies out there sorry not sorry. I just think you should find another fandom, anything but MLP

    • Also lets put snowangel on trial, prepare your objection

What Guys Said 3

  • A friend of mine is but me, hell fucking no

    • I'm sorry for your loss, is is that bad? Or do you think they can be helped?

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    • I've met the friend already

    • So you met the friend of your friend? What was the guy like? (the more detail the better)

  • no and im not an otterkin either.

    • Nice I like that pun "otterkin", a well earned + 1. Can you imagine sexually identifying as a lion?

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    • no, they are selecting a "race" and "gender" as if they were in a video game, i have no problem with that but they try to make society conform to their made up fantasies.

    • Fallout 4 real life, I think I'm going to say I'm Korean soon. We can identify as that can't we?

      That sounds reasonable to me

      Also I see that you're from Belgium, how about playing Verdun? There is a Belgian squad on the entente

  • nope

    • anon guy, I think you just earned yourself a seat in the cool kids club