Do men with indian culture (but living in west) have certain perceptions on women and marriage?

My sisters boyffriend grew in US but he is from India and he is strongly attached to the Indian culture. I dont know much about it and they seem good together. I was wondering because he seems a little possessive at times and keeps telling her about how different she is from other women and how that suits his culture


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  • Well... most Indian men do, and they spoil it for the rest of us. Not saying that the Indian culture is 'wrong' or 'bad', but it's too conservative, and needs to stay in India. Men (and women) who live in western countries but still stick to the Indian culture like leeches, are not really doing the Indian community any favours.

    I'm an Indian man (not living in India anymore), and while I maintain my core individuality, I'm not 'attached' to the Indian culture in any way. If your sister's boyfriend tells her that she is 'too different from other women', ask her to dump his sorry, judgmental ass so that he could get an arranged marriage back in India with a woman who is 'not different'. Gosh, men like him give ALL Indian men living in western countries, a bad rep.

    • Thank you for reply. I think he means it in a good way, because he says she is different and that the way she is it suits his culture more. But i am not sure what that even means, how women supposed to be based on indian culture? I am wondering mainly because at times he seems to me a little more possessive than what he should be

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    • Anytime! And yeah, Indian men do tend to be a bit possessive (not all, but most) because the dating culture in India is still nascent, and people don't know how to handle their partners.

    • Thanks for MHO! :)

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  • I'm a British Indian so i guess it doesn't really count for me as im like everybody else and i view everyone equally. but my grandparents are from inda but they moved to England in 1966. I really dont know what or how people who are ACTUALLY like from India are like but westernised indians are like everybody else but people like to give us the steryotype too haha.

    • Also, if the guy is serious about your sister he has to introduce his parents to her, i know it seems like a leap but he would do it if he was serious if not then it won't work out.

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    • Thanks a lot for the reply and all the information :) He is a bit possessive over her and i was wondering if is just the way he is or if has anything to do with the culture. He seems serious, he talks about marriage etc

    • Uhhh i don't think it has anything to do with the culture, he might just be like that or he could have trust issues and your welcome :)

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