What is gaming?

Alright, so as much as I sound dumb asking this question, I really would appreciate your help. I have guy best friends that are all interested in gaming and every time they start talking about gaming and I'm there listening like a moron, don't even know what to say. They ask me those questions that I don't even know to answer. So I figured, why not try to get to know it a little better? Personally, I love games but when it comes to talking about mlg and steam and those stuff, I even wanna know more. If someone can please explain to me how is it. I really would appreciate that. Mlg? Steam? Watching people playing? 😅😅


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    so you love games But you don't know about MLG or steam?

    Anyway I'd describe steam as a digital distribution platform for PC. Any game you want you just click buy and it installs then and there. It's quite popular, some games can only be installed via steam and some disc based games need steam verification.

    Steam also includes forums and you can add friends so think of it like XBL or PSN for PC

    MLG as other people have said it's for pro gamers, the best of the best. MLG comes under "e-sports"

    As for watching people play it's usually done on twitch, people just join the stream write in the chat and watch their favorite player play. Like you would any performer


    • Thats really helpful. Thank you! :) Yeah I know its weird.. but I have a play station. So I just put a CD there and play. That's why I don't know a lot about mlg and steam.. etc.😅😅

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    • Success for you and me both. PC gamers now have more manpower in the master race, you get to enjoy better games and I got MHO on top of that

    • Hahaha well..

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  • MLG is 'major league gaming', they hold competitions and tournaments for games like Mortal Kombat or Leage of Legends or Super Smash Bros, that kind of thing.

    Steam is... I'm trying to think of how to describe it... Kinda like itunes. Steam is something you download to your computer. It's a company thing where most games are for sale, usually at a lower price than you'll find at places like GAME or from the original retailer. They have huge summer and winter sales where you can get some games for like 90% less than the original price. Instead of going and buying the disc, you get the game added to your account where you download the game onto your computer which some people dislike because it means you don't get to collect physical cases and stuff but is actually super convenient because you can't really break it or lose it, y'know? If you get a different laptop, you can still download the game on because you have an account - you can also share the game with family members on a different computer which means that it's probably cost effective if you'e got a few people in the house who want to play which is what my partner and his brother and I do.

    Watching people playing is probably live streaming which some people find interesting. Livestreams of games let you see how other people do it and interact with other gamers.

    • I really appreciate your answer. It helped a lot. Thank you. :)

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    • @redeyemindtricks hahaha you're right. I appreciate your opinion.

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  • MLG: Major League Gaming
    Steam: a website where many games are purchused online, and gaming is discussed.
    Twitch: A streaming site for gamers to show themselves playing games live and in real time.

    But in the end if you're not a gamer, then its not a conversation type you can participate in. Its like sitting at a table with a bunch of people who work together, and they start talking about work. You'll just have nothing to contribute. Something we all have to suffer through in groups...

    • Hahaha that's true and thank you so much. That helped as well.

    • Happy to be of service.

      One last thing, if you're really interested, ask you're boyfriend to explain things. Not during the conversation of course, though once he finds you're interested he may keep a running commentary for you. But after the night, ask some questions. One thing folks have in common is that they love to talk about their hobbies, and SOs get double credit for taking an interest.

    • Hahaha thank you once again. :)

  • Steam is an online store where you can buy PC games, review them etc and there's a community there and forums and steam groups.
    MLG is major league gaming just a ton of pro players who do tournaments although people say ironically (and unironically) they are MLG just saying they're pro. message me if you need more stuff to cover I recommend r/gaming and pcgamer.

    • Thank you so much!!! That really helped and I would like to ask you further questions if you don't mind, of course.

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    • It's a professional esports organisation that hosts tournaments and streams them to viewers hey all meet in a specific place e. g. Anaheim for Starcraft 2 in 2011. There are multiple teams that compete in these events for MLG optic and faze are the biggest and they get tournament money and earn sponsorship money.

    • Thanks again. :)

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  • Console and online PC gaming is usually what they're talking about. You're going to have to branch out your horizons and spend some money investing in it if you plan to fully understand what they're talking about. You gotta walk the walk if you wanna talk the talk.

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