Are you more a "try new things" person or "stick to what you know" person?

for example I am just watching this TV show, and a few episodes in, I feel like, ahh this is wasting my time... I know I would be more entertained if I watch Breaking Bad again for the 5th time or which ever episode of The Big Bang Theory...

and it's not just tv shows. take restaurants. once in a while I go to a place I have never been, and whenever you went somewhere that disappoints you, you tell yourself "FUCK why didn't I stick to the restaurant that I know will give me exactly what I expected?"

  • "try new things" person
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  • "stick to what you know" person
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  • A because I get bored with old things


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  • I love trying new shit but I still got a few guidelines as to what I like lol


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  • i love trying new shit... its the spice of life man

  • I know I should be daring and adventurous, but every time I did that, things went bad lol