How can I keep a small space tidy?

So I live in a classic tiny house (a trailer). Its not a big space and I find my self with just piles of things everywhere. Has anyone faced this small space problem before? How did you handle it?
What seems to be the two biggest problems is the kitchen/lack of counter space, and the insane amount of cloths. Which is a bit of a minimalist wardrobe, but I work a professional job so I need my suits, I go to the gym so I need my sport cloths, and I don't wear my white collars on the weekends so I have a small amount of casuals.

I'm open to any ideas other than moving (I'm open to that idea too, I'd just already thought of it).

Thanks in advance for your efforts.


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  • You can buy clothing rack to hang your suits that you were frequently.

    Maybe build some shelves in the kitchen wall.


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  • burn it!

    • We tiny house folk don't take kindly to fires.

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    • Washington state.

      Where'd you call home before Korea?

    • ahh iv lived all along the gulf coast but oklahoma is where id lay my hat

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  • Buy less, own less, get a few storage containers.

  • Maybe rent storage space?