GAG what should I do for my 25 th birthday?

Hey GAG! So I'm turning 25 in a few days how should I celebrate my birthday? What sort of things can I do to celebrate?


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  • Happy Birthday, @udit9191!! Better Early then Late date.
    You seem like the kind of 'Kind' guy who has lots of Friends to the Ends, so find All of them, make some Plans and go out and Paint the Town Red!! Just party Down all around, but be safe here, dear. It's a Big day for you.
    I saw a sad ID last nite where these college kids went for Spring Break to Mexico and after a Fun Night of Partying, one the Nice guys Disappears and ends up in a Really Bad and Sad situation where a Cult like Cartel Group Widely Known in Mexico was his Demise.
    Stay out of Mexico and be Careful of the water when you go Out.. That is, don't drink too much.
    God luck and Enjoy your Big Birthday. xx

    • Thank you paris13 for taking the time out to write this lengthy reply!

    • Why, so welcome, @udit9191 and Thank you for sharing your birthday with us here, dear. I appreciate your "Like" and thank you. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, hun. xx

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  • Just masturbate and go to bed like you already do.


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  • Fly to Australia... This place is fckn awesome.

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