Why do germans always cause themselves penalties?

They did it when they played with italians. One touched the ball with his hand but they managed to get away with it. When they played with frenchs, two players of germany hit one player of france at the same time, one hit from left and one hit from the right. Why are germans causing themselves penalties as if they think they can always manage to get away with it? Is it because players of germany are too conceited?


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  • Lots of countries have their gripes, I think it is who you like or support - For instance I am from the Republic of Ireland and felt we should have had a penalty against Belgium which wasn't given and they scored their first goal from ensuing attack ( To be fair, they hammered us 3-0 and were by far the better team) but I just wanted to show example.

  • Germany tried and tired, and were the better team. But ultimately, God or 'destiny' was on the side of the French at this time!

    • lol not the better team at all if you can't finish for shit, give easy fouls and then lose all control at the start and end of the halfs.