Was this wrong?

So I went to a party on Friday and I got very drunk very quickly. By 8 I was so drunk I couldn't even stand. I stopped drinking for a bit was still very drunk so the next bit is from the bit of memory I have and the things a friend told me.

So I've never done drugs before but someone gave me a full cone (thats what its called right?) and After that I got even more drunk and not myself, I dont even know how I started talking to this guy but he was not even drunk, and I couldnt even remember his name after he told me. After a bit of talking we started kissing (I had just recently been dumped) and I was so gone that a friend told me that the guy and his friend were talking about getting me to go behind the shed with them to do stuff to me. One of the guys gave me something which a friend told me he thinks it was molly an after that I don't remember anything. In the morning I woke up next to one of them but I don't think anything happened. My friend said people were keeping an eye on me but it upset me how they overheard these guys saying stuff and saw them give me something but didn't try and get me away from them.

was the guy kissing me and stuff wrong because of how far I was gone? was this normal? should I feel so confused like I do right now. I just wish I could remember...


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  • Dont take drugs (how can you know you'll survuve the effect).
    You should be more carefull and go to parties with a friend who will look after you and keep you out of trouble.

    I dont think that guys should act like that. I mean if i just met a drunk girl at a party i wouldn't do anything like that. i'd rather help her get home after the party.

    I know some guys might say: Take her to bad - she wouldn't remember.
    Yeah, but i would and it wouldn't feel right no matter from how long i know the girl.

    So my advice is you should be more carefull. You could act like your drunk. You might find it fun. I usyaly do that when i was with the guys. They think im about to pass out, but in truth they are the ones falling down. lol.

  • 8pm? Jesus..
    And oh lets all do strange drugs at a party with a bunch of drunken horny guys.
    Don't do fucking drugs at parties, it's one thing if you're a guy. If you're a girl it's sketchy as fuck.

    Yeah it sounds like you've got some shitty friends. No thats attempted rape by the sounds of it.

    • Or not-so-unlikely just rape.

    • I've never done stuff before, I didn't know what I was doing.

    • You don't take strange ass drugs at a party, it's just common sense. Stay away from that shit.
      I'd also be pretty careful how much you drink if you don't have a sober friend making sure you don't get drug into someones room.

  • Lmao u got roofied?


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