Why would my best friend send me a random picture of my ex?

It's been over a year and I just got a picture of her from my best friend.

I don't get why he'd bother sending it?


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  • maybe he thought you would want to c it... or just wanted to send it randomly. i've come across old photos of friends and just randomly sent them. i guess it's a little different cuz she's ur ex... but maybe he didn't mean anything by it.

    • I get it if it was a picture of her and some other people... but it's just her.

      He tells "Hey look, it's your girl!".

    • thats super random. I don't know. did u ask him y he sent it?

    • I don't dare asking him... I don't him to think I'm worried about it/her.

      She did contact me 8 months after the break up though, and she made it seem like she really wanted to see me but nothing happened.

  • Because he likes her


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