I've been feeling really bad emotionally and I feel sick?

Since Friday I just keep recalling bad memories and it won't stop. It just makes me feel bad to the point where I can't even look at myself in the mirror. I didn't do anything wrong I just keep recalling every bad thing someone has said to me or every bad feeling I've ever had any suggestions?


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  • That sucks man :( . Accept these *hugs*, maybe make yourself a nice self care nest with blankets and cushions etc., and some chocolate like bcromartie said. If you haven't already then have a warm bath and shower, picture washing all the negativity off yourself. Then you'll feel all clean and hopefully better. Try some ambiance type websites like this maybe: https://soundrown.com/ . And write out the things troubling you, getting those thoughts out of your head and organised into sentences can make them seem so much less overwhelming.
    What bad things happened to you man? (you don't have to answer if you don't want)
    I hope you feel better <3

    • Thank you sounds like a good idea. Yeah I don't wanna talk about it but let's just say some words that people said to me have been bothering me.

    • That's okay, but try writing about it privately, start a journal maybe? I find writing in mine helpful. And remember that whatever things people have said to hurt you were because of shit that's their problem; you're living your life, and hopefully they're not a part of it anymore. You know you've done nothing wrong; it's them who were bullies. You're not tied to them, you're creating your own identity <3

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  • Well, eat some chocolate and hide your mirrors! :D


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