Why do I get hot flashes when i'm nervous?


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  • its normal... i sometimes get this feeling... or i'll start to sweat


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  • Probably due to micronutrients deficiency mainly vitamin B complex and folate.
    Plus you're 14, so hormonal changes also play a role.

    My advise?
    Take a good multivitamin supplement which also contains essential minerals.
    Thanks for the mention @handsomeraj :)

    • It's pretty normal, mainly due to increased sympathetic activity (excitation, anxiety, etc).
      The reason I advised you to take multivitamin is because it contains Riboflavin, which acts as mood stabilizer and Cyanocobalamin, which improves nerve functions.

    • Thank you for always answering my mentions doc :) just about knew that you would nip this at the bud :D <3

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  • @DanteSparda - question for you...

    Guess it has something to do with drop or rise in blood pressure...

  • Because your human and it's a bodily/chemical reaction normally our bodies heat up when we get nervous it's why some people sweat when they get nervous.

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