Anyone else having this experience with antidepressants?

I've been on Zoloft for almost a year and I thought if I would've waited, it would've worked but it didn't. It made me feel numb. So I talked to my therapist and decided to go off it. I started by taking half the dose (50mg) then nothing changed so I decided to just stop. The first few days nothing but then i couldn't stand up due to dizziness, my hair was falling out way more than usual and feeling mosquito bites all over my body when there were none. Has anyone experienced this? Is this normal?


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  • After taking it for such a long period of time the body has become dependent on it. It's withdrawal. Buch like DDT's. Stopping abruptly has shocked your system , that is the very reason the Dr. Had cut the dose to wean your body off rather than go cold turkey

    • I just wanted it to stop taking it because it made me really agitated when I was on it.

    • I can see where you would want that to go away

    • Thank you

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  • Yeah, thats normal. Start taking it at 50mg again ASAP! Zoloft is an SSRI, and stopping intake suddenly like that will give you a whole lot of awful effects, its called SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome. The dizziness especially. You have to wean off suuuuper slowly. So you start taking half, then a quarter, then maybe an eigth, etc, and then you can go off.

    The effects will go away pretty much as soon as you start taking it again, so don't worry. But just come off it slowly!

    • Okay thank you 💛

    • good luck <333 I know it sucks to have to keep taking them even when they're making you feel like shit, but it doesn't take toooo long to come off.

    • I sure hope so lol and thanks so much for the help

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  • It is not normally good to stop taking it completely like that. It is best to take you off of it slowly.

    • I'm already off it, do I just start taking it again. Might as well stop, right?

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    • Effects or not, I hate taking them. I'm gonna stop

    • I personally would talk to your doctor first.

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  • This is part of why I wouldn't take them. I didn't like how you can't just stop the meds and have to be weaned off, what they do to your body, the side effects and I've been reading some studies that showed a placebo pill was just as effective as antidepressants, I'm still looking more into that though but I still wouldn't take them.

    • Yeah that's true but I've read that some people just have great reactions but some have it worse.

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    • Yeah that's true

    • I find that anti anxiety medications helps more than my antidepressants.

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