What exactly do girls do in "dating" scene when guys do all work?

And dont say girls were raised like that or its in their genes to choose not to be chosen and use animal kingdom theory because then men have are biologically designed to cheat and "reproduce more spreading their genes"

When guys are expected to pay for dates
Work for them
Get a girl to like them
Drop them off and see them off on doors

When girls have only work of deciding if guy is good enough? Lol.. and dont say you do all those things by yourself because let's face it, Guys are still expected to do that and majority do and majority of girls expect them to do so too.

Lol Wow Sad how this question is not flooding with replies as my last question was about how guys should not whine about being friend zoned
Lol pin drop silence in this questions, just what I expected. You were soo quick on post I made about why gius shouldn't whine about being friendzoned lol WOW


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  • Well it's been quite a while since I've been single so I'll try to remember...

    - Pay for makeup so we can look good on our dates (it's expensive!)
    - Figure out an outfit that's flattering without being interpreted as slutty (heels not too high, just the right amount of cleavage lol)
    - Worry about safety the entire time. Be sure not to go anywhere alone with a guy we barely know (I always drove myself on dates if I didn't know the guy well)
    - Work for him. Yes, girls have to be interesting, too 😉
    - Make sure we make a good impression. Don't talk too much, don't talk too little, don't eat too much, don't talk about the future, don't go too far physically too soon, etc. Girls are more heavily judged than you think!
    - Try and figure out if he's one of the good guys or if he's a jerk in disguise (this is a tough one)

    Also, just gonna throw out there that many women go Dutch nowadays on first dates. And is it really such a big sacrifice to drop a girl off at her house?

    But hey, it's pointless to try and compete for who does more work in a relationship. Both sexes have their troubles and expectations, and comparing them is just silly and doesn't get anything done. I only listed women's efforts because you asked, but really the most important thing is finding a person who you genuinely like and wanting to make them happy. 😊

    • I'd rate your farts about a 6 or 7.

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    • 😑😑 (you dense...)

      I'm not gonna argue with you. If you're determined to be bitter towards women, go for it.

    • Lol? No, I was stating facts bexause those are facts and Im not "bitter" on them. I was stating facts as in how women whine about world not being fair to them and stuff, I made it same on guys whining about friendzoned. Lot of girls appericiated me on that? Lol if anything, it shows how bitter you all are on here

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  • They don't do anything except try and look good. You would think that a girl should have to try and work for the mans attention since he's usually gonna be the provider but it's the opposite. He has to "work for her" attention while she plays hard to get and makes things even harder.

    • Not all do hard to get but yea men are expected to do all that and still be treated "fair"

    • I demand to know which female downvoted me for speaking the truth. Reveal yourself you scum.

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  • We just make ourselves available and look very pretty... lool

    • Exactly and then some of women complaint about dating scene when they hardly do anything... at all and guys are expected to look handsome too or if they don't, it would effect final decision by women

    • i dont expect him to work hard all the time tho. Thats why I sometimes pursue men and cat call and give them gifts...

  • You meant to spell since.

  • Because you are born like a guy obviously so you must do this things if you want a good girlfriend or you can choose to not do this things but have an ugly / fat / dumb girlfriend.
    It's like a girl who don't wear make up, wear sweatpants everydays, etc... They can have a boyfriend but not a good looking one just the one that every good girl don't want.

    • How does that relate to anything I said?

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    • Lol I know right, I made question on how guys should stop whining about getting friendzoned and all these jumped on it and favored me and were so quick and look at this qustion haha.

    • Ah ok.
      I'm happy to be a girl though I have just to wait for a guy asking me out Xd

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  • Welcome to the modern world. You are "no man" if you do not do those, but they are innocent women.

    • Lol right, Bexause we are expected to be "fair"

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