Ok so I'm used to moving a lot but?

We keep coming back to a place called Gallup NM I may not like it here but owell at least I know we're I'm going and what to watch out for but now my mom is asking if I would like to move to Las Cruces NM and I have never been thare never even seen it makes me a bit uneasy about it so my? Is what should I say? Should i stay or should I go?


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  • Don't let not knowing where you're going stop you. See what different places have to offer.
    A GPS is about $99- It also offers suggestions such as restaurants & those types of places.

    • I'm 16 I can't drive so when I'm out I have to member land marks to know ware I'm going and I have been a lot of places like NY NJ il Iowa callaforna las Vegas Arkansas Montana but moving to Las Cruces has me a bit nervous but I don't know why

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    • I like Montana it has a thing called grass and trees and water not just weird Sandy dirt and rocks look to every ware in NM and all you see is FUCKING Rocks I hate it but I always liked country but I think las Cruces is bigger than the city I'm in now so thare might be something to do other than trying to avoid the drunks who try to grab my ass

    • I think going to agree to go

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  • my dad got stationed in new mexico he fucking loved it

    • Well I fucking HATE it every ware you look there's nothing but rocks

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    • Ah,
      Yeah. The moving thing is one reason my dad got out of the air force.
      That and with three kids, we were nearly on food stamps and he has an engineering degree so,
      Left the service and went into the private sector and started pulling in engineer money

    • well your dad did better than what i did when Mormon missionaries came to my door. mom said she plans to find someplace permanent to stay for the next 2 years at least im hoping in las cruises I can walk down the street

  • Change is good in my opinion. It makes you stronger and more flexible :)


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