Do I still have hope of getting a job position?

So I had interview in this Greek restaurant for a full-time hostess position. The interview went well and he asked for my availability. Anyways, I just went on craiglist to apply for more jobs, and I see that the manager for that location is just posted an ad asking for a full-time hostess still, should I move on or should i follow up? I did lie in my resume, but don't everyone do it? I lied and said I was currently working at a location to make it sound believable after not working for 4 months, and that I plan on quitting... move on?

How many days should I give for a manager to call me back after an interview?


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  • Doesn't mean he decided yet. Why would you give false information he can verify by putting in a phone call after he offered you the job? I would expect a call within a few days up to a week depending upon how long he wants to interview candidates. After a week I would follow up.

    • Thank you very much. This is going to be my fourth day and he posted the ad today.

    • I fucked up by saying I currently am working at a establishment... fuck. I just hope I did real good dough for him to consider not calling... Gawd

  • "I did lie in my resume, but don't everyone do it?" No, absolutely not. Where the hell did you hear that from?

    • Where I come from, people lie lol. I live new York City boy.

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    • Lol. Well that's base of your experience. Base on mines, most people I've met have lied and they still land the job.. lol

    • My goodness, that sounds like a moral shit hole. In professional careers where honesty and integrity actually matters, lying is out of the question. Not only you'll get rejected right away, it can very well jeopardize your future chance of getting hired by other companies.

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