Do you believe in the paranormal or religious or spiritual things?

Recently I was sitting down with a family friend who is a hard arse cop who takes no bs and pretty much dislikes religion and PC etc , anyway I think you get the point, however once we sat down for dinner 2 nights ago he stated driving past a cematary/graveyard (sorry my spelling is not the best) and stated that he had seen a ghostly figure and it had just disappeared into thin air, he had stated this was the spookiest thing he had come across and this is someonody who has gone to scenes where someone has been stabbed to death , dead kids being drowned by parents etc, I don't think he was lying because usually he will be serious and state i got ya at the end. anyway has anyone ever expieneced anything they couldn't explain?


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  • Why is it so surprising to you? People leave an emotional energy residue after death anyway.

    • Because majority of the time people who believe in that stuff are complete idiots who follow the Abrahamic faiths

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    • If you can't see him in your terms then i guess he talks or appears to you nonverbally in your dreams a lot

    • Not really

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  • What I believe is there are things that happen in this world that can't easily be explained

    • Yeah, I want to believe but I think I am going to be one of those people , when I see it up believe it

    • If I'm wrong and there is a heaven. I feel I will be judged on how I lived me life not how much I gave at the alter plate.

  • Personally I don't

    • Yeah me neither , I've been told that one story , another one I was told when I was a dock worker and one of the older guys (who was an Australian featherweight champion) claimed he never believed in any of that until he moved into a house in Rockhampton Queensland, he stated the bed levitated on its own and spooky things went on , after about a month they moved out. Was a boxer so may have taken too many blows to the head lol. But he was a stand up guy everyone loved him and he never lied and was a pretty health guy in he's mid sixtys and was a wharfie