Guys, what is the craziest thing you've ever done when a girl that you really like rejects you?

I have a short story as an example.
My friend said when she rejected a guy, after that what that guy did was once a week asked "will you be my girl?", after maybe 6 times (means 6 weeks), and she finally accepted him.
And now they are a very happy and have a strong relationship.

So what is your story? :)


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  • I had a guy stalk me for more than a year. He would drive over a hour to leave "gifts" outside my door.
    Another man lost it and sent me more than 300 messages in one evening.
    Another stalked my new boyfriend (8 months after the rejection). He sent my boyfriend messages about me almost everyday. He found my mother too.

    I have never dated a guy I originally rejected. Stalking doesn't seem like a healthy way to convince me.