Does working get boring after a while?

You're still just another employee doing the daily routine. You're working for someone else and there is no chance of getting promoted.

One of my goals is to have my own business, even if it were a small one and not have to get up in the morning working for 10 hours answering translation calls (I've been stuck at call centers for years).

I'll be 30 next year on April and unfortunately will still be doing this job. I just hope that one day my future chances and that I'm not too old by the time I'm finally over call centers.


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  • Yup. It gets really monotonous. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

    I've been in a call center before, been through all that, couldn't stand it. Would never want to go back to that kind of work or job ever again.

    • I feel you. You're lucky you don't have to stay there working at call centers endlessly. This seems to be practically the only thing that produces more money (esp English call centers where translation is needed) in my homecountry.
      Sometimes I feel that even with my Bachelor's degree, which I just recently got I still got no life.

    • I suffered a job loss from the call center I had worked for, the company had financial problems and eventually I was also let go.

      But the good news was that I manage to pay off more than 75% percent of my student loans prior to their decision to lay of employees.

      It sucks when you feel like you're just a pawn, and expendable, at the very bottom of workign for a company with little to no hope to ever advance and the WORST FUCKING part is having to do the same shit over and over again putting up with the same people over the phone over and over, people as in customers that aren't always so honest and cooperative, and some get really arrogant and ignorant.

      I became very upset and unhappy working there after the 2nd year and I was there for 4 years.

      Figure out what kind of a business you want to go into. They say you should start small but THINK BIG.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • Yes, it does. But it pays the bills. If I could, I would rid of property taxes and home payments. That way, nobody would have to work.

    • Hopefully I get to one day own a business and travel; also by the time that happens I hope I'm not too old by then.

    • Same here.

  • Honestly, no.

    • Good for you. I want to own a business one day... be my own boss.

    • I support your endeavors.

  • yes.


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  • yeah it does. it gets aggravating, and i'm pretty sure that you get paid more than i do because i work in a gas station. i like the hours, because i can still go to school. however, the customers are rude and it gets very boring especially on slow days. i was just thinking about starting my own business too. so what would you do?

    • I translate calls from English to Spanish and vice-versa. Even though it has nothing to do with sales nor direct customer service since I'm only translating it's still a call center and it feels like eternity. At some point, it gets boring and you just want the phone to stop ringing.
      I guess this feeling must be as a result of spending years and years working at call centers. Prior to that, I used to work at sales or customer service call centers (the calls were even more faster... already another call after you just finished one).. now that was even more irritating.

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