I need help understanding something?

So I’m having a debate with an atheist that gets to this point:

Me: ”Now you have graduated from just denying there is evidence, to denying and claiming there are facts that actually contradict it."

Atheist: “Nope. All that I have said is that Intelligent Design proponents think that they see design because they are ignorant of the facts - I did not say that the facts demonstrate that there is no design (I wouldn't expect you to comprehend the difference).”

I need help understanding this, what is the thought process of someone who’s able to say this and actually mean it?


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  • No one can 100% say god isn't real. Nor can anyone 100% say he is real. There's evidence on both ends.

    • What kind of evidence would show that God doesn't exist?

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    • How do you explain people believing in God before the bible was written? On the contrary, I would encourage you to broaden your horizon's. Atheists are all the same, all they know how to do is to operate within a state of personal denial and truth making. If you have evidence that contradict's God's existence, please share.

    • That's the thing, they "believe" in him. Why don't you show proof of your god's existence. I am not atheist, I am Agnostic. There's a difference. You do not have the proof of god's existence, you cannot 100% say he's real without sounding ignorant. Believing is NOT proof, I can believe in a unicorn that poops gumdrops and barfs rainbows but that doesn't mean such a thing exists. Someone believed in god and made the bible, cool, schizophrenic people believe in the monsters that they see and write/draw about it. You wanna know the difference between them? Schizos have seen their monsters, whereas the guy who made the bible never saw god. You can believe all you want, but that doesn't mean that he's real for others.

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